The Best Catholic Books

In posing the question of what are the best Catholic books, we come across the issue of subjectivity. 

How a person quantifies the term “best” is subjective. In trying to determine the best Catholic book, it depends on where you are on your faith journey, and what you are wanting to learn more about. 

Despite the work I have done to compile these top Catholic books, I would classify this list as superficial but necessary. 

Superficial, in the fact that this list is not really quantifiable in terms of best. Determining the best can based on popularity, however it can also be based on personal tastes.

Necessary, in the fact that it can serve as a starting point for someone looking to explore the Catholic faith. 

Note: This project is ongoing and will be updated as time goes on.  

As of write now the list is based on data from Goodreads, Amazon, book name search volume, and top books lists from Catholic Influencers.