My name is Chris and I may have a problem…

You see, I am a collector. My wife used to call me a hoarder, but we agreed to split the difference and consider me a “Border Hoarder.”

I was born in 1978 and as such the Nostalgia for the 80s is pretty strong. I collect things that bring me the warm nostalgic fuzzies.

As a Catholic, I also collect kids. Currently I have 4. A good collection, I would say, but I do know that there are some other Catholic families out there that would put my collection to shame.

The other thing I like to collect is books.

Do I like to read books? Yes, I do, but for some reason I have some real challenges:

While holding a book I yawn – a lot.
While reading I usually fall asleep
I read fairly slow
My level of comprehension is terrible

So why do I collect books?

I just don’t know.

The plan for this blog is to chronicle the building of my Catholic library, categories and rank catholic books, and also so share the tactics I learn along the way to improve my reading speed and comprehension.