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Boba Fett Brought Yogurt?


BBY actually is an acronym for Before the Battle of Yavin and is used as a calendar reference to a specific event in history. In this case the Battle of Yavin. 

Much like our calendar using BC and AD to reference dates before and after the birth of Jesus, the Star Wars calendar uses a similar system:

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What is the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars?

The Battle of Yavin is more commonly referred to the Assault on the Death Star. The events of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope take place in 0BBY, as the Battle of Yavin(or the big ole Death Star Explosion) happen at the end of the film.

How Long is a BBY in Star Wars?

A BBY is quite simply a year in the Star Wars universe, although they call it a “Standard Year.”

Since a calendar year as we know it is the amount of time it takes our planet to orbit around the sun, our calculation of a year is quite basic. 

In the Star Wars universe, there are hundreds of planets, each of which has a unique measurement of the length of time it takes to orbit their sun (if they even have one). 

Due to this, the “standard year” was developed, which is based on the amount of time it takes the planet Coruscant to orbit its sun. 

Since Coruscant is the political center of the Star Wars universe, it makes sense that all planets within the Galactic Empire would use a similar measurement of time. 

Notable Events in 0 BBY:

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